Games for Couples: 15 Best Games Specifically for Couples

Games for Couples: Prepare yourself for a legendary game night with your beloved partner with “15 Best Games Specifically Designed for Couples.

Finding quality time with your partner can be challenging when faced with a plethora of responsibilities and distractions. Nonetheless, it is essential to prioritize these moments and actively seek out enjoyable activities that deepen your connection. While traditional outings like dinner dates and bowling are delightful, do not underestimate the power of a couples’ game night. Embrace the sheer pleasure and bonding that ensues from engaging in friendly competition at home. Elevate your quality time by exploring our curated list of the 15 best games for couples.

Game nights provide not only a whirlwind of fun and entertainment but also a unique opportunity for you and your partner to truly understand and connect with each other. Through these delightful moments, you can discover new facets of your partner’s communication style or even uncover surprising fun facts about them. The inherent power of game nights lies in their ability to strengthen the bond between couples, making them an ideal activity for those seeking budget-friendly fun.

So, let’s turn off the TV, silence our cell phones, and embark on a captivating journey through these 25 games for couples. From board games to drinking games, and even DIY games, the possibilities are endless. Prepare yourselves for some friendly competition, because the world of couple games is about to unfold before you!

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15 Games for Couples

1-We Are Not Really Strangers.

“We’re Not Really Strangers” is not just a card game, but a movement dedicated to fostering genuine connections. With three levels, 150 thought-provoking questions and wildcards, it encourages better conversations. Suitable for 2-6 players, ages 15 and up, this game includes all you need to ignite meaningful interactions: 2 pencils, a WNRS notepad, and 2 transparent Dig Deeper cards.

WE'RE NOT REALLY STRANGERS Card Game - Fun Family Party Games for Adults Teens Kids copy


Card Game is an interactive and thought-provoking icebreaker designed for adults.

7,970 ratings, (4.7) Reviews

2. Poker Games for Couples

Prepare yourself for an unforgettable poker experience like no other with Poker for Couples. This exceptional game offers two versions to suit your playing style: the Quick Version and the Advanced Version.

In the Quick Version, players strive to create the ultimate poker hand to win enticing reward cards. Each reward card presents a selection of three to four exciting activities, and the player with the highest poker hand can choose one to enjoy.

For a more challenging gameplay, the Advanced Version allows players to earn points by not only creating a remarkable poker hand but also by winning tricks. With each point scored, their pawn advances on the game board track, collecting different reward cards along the way. The first player to cross the finish line claims victory and selects a special final activity to conclude the game.

The Quick Version is incredibly easy to learn and can be enjoyed anywhere, whether you’re lounging on the couch or relaxing in bed. On the other hand, the Advanced Version adds a strategic element that demands a bit more time, space, and preparation.

Both versions are included in the same box, ensuring endless entertainment for you and your partner. Regardless of which version you opt for, be prepared for an unparalleled thrill with a deck of cards.

Tingletouch Poker for Couples A Game Like No Other

Tingletouch Poker

Use reward cards to win tricks, score points, and move pawns. First finisher selects activity. Couples can share a box.

619 ratings, (4.5) Reviews

3. Love Lingual Games for Couples

Improve your relationship with Love Lingual’s conversation cards for couples. Use them anywhere to strengthen your bond and have fun getting to know each other. These cards are perfect for date nights, road trips, or any time you want to connect with your partner. With 150 cards focusing on various topics, they are designed to deepen your relationship by asking thought-provoking questions. Plus, they are great for couples of all ages. The sturdy cardstock makes them a perfect gift for new couples too. Love Lingual is designed to help you create a meaningful and lasting relationship with your partner.

FLUYTCO Love Lingual Couples Card Game for Adults

Love Lingual

Lingual’s cards for couples enhance relationships with fun questions. Ideal for dates, intimacy, and meaningful conversations.

11,431 ratings, (4.6) Reviews

4. OUR MOMENTS Couples

Revitalize your relationship with this innovative date night game for couples. Reignite sparks and rediscover reasons you’re together. Investing time in each other is crucial for a lasting bond, and this game nurtures both mental and emotional aspects. Whether a first date or years together, deepen connection and understanding. By fostering laughter and fun, it adds joy and helps alleviate stress, providing an escape from daily life demands. Made from durable 300gsm card stock, the 100 question cards withstand repeated use. Prioritize your relationship and make every moment count.

Cards Game OUR MOMENTS for Couples 100 Conversation Starters


Unique game night for couples to strengthen the bond with 100 long-lasting question cards.

22,301 ratings, (4.4) Reviews

5. 36 Questions Games for Couples

Could 36 Questions truly lead to love? Based on scientific research, The Love Game™ is designed to create rapid intimacy. Developed upon the proven work of Dr. Arthur Aron, this game provides a structured way to deepen connections and share vulnerability with a partner. Join countless couples globally and experience The Love Game™ – you may just find yourself falling in love, or falling even deeper.

The Love Game 36 Questions For Falling in Love

The Love Game

The Love Game™ helps couples connect and fall in love by asking intimate questions.

53 ratings, (3.9) Reviews

6. I Should Have Known That

Which side of a boat is starboard? How do you say “Japan” in Japanese? Is a penguin considered a bird? How long did Sleeping Beauty sleep? This unique trivia game features 110 cards with over 400 questions that will challenge your knowledge. Test your skills in an addictively entertaining game where incorrect answers lead to point deductions instead of rewards. Suitable for 2 or more players aged 14 and above, it’s just a matter of time before you find yourself exclaiming, “I should have known that!”

a green box with white text

I Should Have Known That

A fascinating trivia game that will have you hooked in no time, leaving you exclaiming, “Ahhh!… I should have known that!”

32,152 ratings, (4.5) Reviews

7. Murder Mystery Games for Couples

Solve the murder of a local bar owner named Nick Webster in the immersive puzzle game “Death at the Dive Bar”. This mystery game is suitable for beginners with a 1/5 difficulty level and is recommended for players aged 14 and above. It can be played individually or with friends and family. Hunt a Killer offers mystery boxes that are perfect for game nights or murder mystery parties, providing everything needed for an engaging adult game night.

Enjoy a fun family puzzle game where you can investigate the murder at the dive bar, with a playing time of 45-60 minutes and accommodating 1-5 players. Hunt A Killer offers immersive mystery and crime games, including story-driven card, puzzle, and board games that will challenge your problem-solving skills.

Hunt A Killer Immersive Murder Mystery Game

Murder Mystery

Try Hunt A Killer murder mystery game. Solve a thrilling unsolved case. Great for date night or evening with friends.

9,473 ratings, (4.7) Reviews

8. Fog of Love Games for Couples

Fog of Love presents a distinctive board game experience tailored for couples. Within this game, you and your partner delve into the creation and embodiment of two characters as they navigate the enthralling journey of meeting, falling in love, and overcoming the trials of an unconventional relationship. As you maneuver across the board, the choices are yours to steer towards transformation, unwavering commitment, or perhaps even covertly embracing the role of a heartbreaker. Ultimately, will you pave the path to your romantic happily ever after alongside your beloved?

Hush Hush HHP0003 Fog of Love

Fog of Love

Paranormal Romance Expansion adds mystery and excitement to your gaming experience.

64 ratings, (4.3) Reviews

9. Talk, Flirt, Dare, Games for Couples

The game Talk, Flirt, Dare is a great anniversary gift for couples to bring them closer and have fun together. It’s suitable for various occasions such as date nights, parties, and as a gift for engagements, weddings, and anniversaries. The game encourages intimate conversations and can help reignite passion in any relationship. It’s also a fun way to spend time with friends and create lasting memories.

Talk Flirt Dare Romantic Game for Couples

Talk, Flirt, Dare

Three games in one: Talk, Flirt, Dare. Perfect for date nights, anniversaries, or as a gift for your partner. Ideal for deepening your bond.

12,895 ratings, (4.4) Reviews

10. SERVD – Games for Couples

Erase everything you thought you knew about card games – SERVD transforms everyday scenarios with your partner into amusing actions through a card game, injecting fun, cheekiness, and strategy into all sorts of situations. The game is all about spontaneity, catching your opponent off guard, and turning mundane moments into unpredictable and entertaining experiences. With 62 relationship-based cards, each player gets 31 chances to playfully one-up their partner. It’s the perfect gift for any occasion – Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, or birthdays – to add a spark of fun and laughter to your relationship.

SERVD Game Couples The Hilarious Real-Life Card Game


Card game with 62 cards for fun moments with your partner. Great for Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, or birthdays.

15,902 ratings, (4.5) Reviews

11. BestSelf Intimacy

This deck of 150 cards contains conversation starters to build relationships and make a great gift for husbands or wives. It’s perfect for couples’ game night or date night, providing games to strengthen relationships and spark engaging conversations. The cards break down communication barriers and can help couples strengthen their bond.

Great for date night and meaningful discussions, this game can make your night unforgettable. It’s an ideal gift for couples and a fun way to strengthen relationships. This game provides exciting ways to strengthen relationships and elevate romance. Ideal for couples looking for deeper connections, it’s a meaningful gift for any occasion.

9,573 ratings, (4.6) Reviews

12. Do or Drink Date Night

Discover an exciting card game crafted specifically for couples, designed to deepen your connection and unlock laughter and surprising revelations. This game features 250 challenge, battle, dare, fill in the blank, and guess cards, all created by couples. Perfect for injecting some fun into your next date night or as a unique Valentine’s Day gift, this game offers a refreshing alternative to traditional party games. Guaranteed to spark laughter and bring you closer, it’s an ideal activity for partners at any stage of their relationship.

366 ratings, (4.5) Reviews

13. 40 Date Ideas Card Games for Couples Date Night

This is a set of 40 unique and creative date night cards for couples. Each card has a mystery date idea that you reveal by scratching it off. Once you scratch off a card, you have to do the activity – no takebacks! There are no complicated rules, and each card has time and budget info to help you choose. This game is for couples of all ages and can help increase intimacy and spice up your relationship. You can take photos to remember these special moments. It makes a great gift for couples for any romantic occasion.

985 ratings, (4.5) Reviews

14. Guess the Movie

Guess the Movie is an immensely enjoyable game that adds an extra level of excitement to your game night. It just needs a bit of preparation beforehand. Simply create a captivating PowerPoint presentation, filled with intriguing screenshots or memorable lines from your all-time favorite movies. Then, the other partner can embrace the challenge of guessing the movie. This delightful activity can serve as the perfect prelude to an exhilarating movie night – as you make your way through the presentation, marvelling at the magical realm of cinema, you can conclude the evening by immersing yourselves in a mesmerizing film.

15. Pictionary- Games for Couples

With the perfect fusion of lousy illustrations and comical conjectures, behold the remarkable game of Pictionary! A single individual can opt for a word or phrase, whether from an online source or a Pictionary deck of cards, and will then proceed to depict it through their artistic skills. Meanwhile, the other participant will engage in a race against the clock, desperately attempting to decipher the masterful creation before them!. Games for Couples

Pictionary Mattel Games Pictionary Quick Drawing Board


Mattel Games Pictionary: Board & Guessing Game for all ages, with boards, markers, and cards. Great gift for players 8+. Games for Couples:

3,197 ratings, (4.5) Reviews

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